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Our Services

Our services include. Sponsoring races and school clubs. We will also sponsor larger event just email with details.

Basic package

No minimum number of students

Intermediate package

No minumum number of students 

Deluxe package

No minimum number of students


Whoop Junky’s goal is to provide services to groups all over the world. Weather it be Sponsoring, Providing support at events, or just set up shop and sell items. Whoop Junky will always take time to make sure all accommodations are correct and in place for any event that is attended.

Worlds of innovation

The FPV hobby is a very fast growing hobby right now, and being able to teach this technology to children is not only a way to provide an education but a way to stay involved in projects and events. The hobby is filled with great people that are all here for a common goal, to have fun! 

Money is money

Our goal at Whoop Junky is to provide affordable pricing for quality equipment to school programs and any race team. We buy direct from the manufacturer so we can extend the low cost of quality items for your team or club.


Whoop Junky is located near Dallas Texas. That means fast shipping to your door at a great price! 

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