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Kiron Custom Engraving

Kiron provides all vinyls to Whoop Junky, Including pink vinyls for breast cancer fundraiser


Whoop Junky proudly supports clubs, camps, and race teams. For packages and pricing please contact us!

Really neat lap counter for when you are practicing at home for your next big race, Download the app now!


Kevin, you’re not asking them for the money to buy the items you give away, correct? I think what you’re doing is awesome! It definitely attracts people to the Cheap Whoopin FB group, and it just might possibly get someone into Whooping! This page was the main reason I started whooping! I had seen them, but never really gave much thought until I joined this group! Now, I’m digging the sh** out of my whoop!! People giving you hell over the giveaways..🖕🏻 I’m gonna say thank you very much for the giveaways, and the opportunity to win cool, free stuff! Not many people would spend the money out of their own pocket for stuff like this! Keep doing what you’re doing, Kevin!
Eddie Gleason
FB Friend
Wow. I never knew “free” meant you were entitled to make demands. Sorry man, there are still a lot of us that are grateful for the generosity you are showing to the group. Whether we ever win or not. Keep whoopin!!!
Efrem Escobar
FB Group Member

ready for the ride of your life

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